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    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman V Superman

    Last week was Holy Week and I thought it my religious duty to watch two bad Christian movies. What makes a bad Christian movie? Well… no sense of story or human emotions, bad theology, overstuffed with simplistic moralizing and plot points that end with an unearned (happy) resolution. Watching bad Christian movies is schadenfreude, fun because who doesn’t like slowing down at the site of a car wreck? The first bad Christian movie I watched was Left Behind starring Nic…

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  • musicroundup-march2016v2

    Music Round-Up: March 2016

    The idea behind this music round up is to share music I enjoy and want to share with my readers.  I’m by no means a music expert and definitely don’t know…

  • Rain Room at LACMA
    Photo Essay

    A Day At LACMA

    Aren’t museums the best? A place where old and new come together. Where people people of all ages can learn and experience ~art~. The day was overwhelming to say the least,…

  • FTK-306
    Photo Essay Travel

    Los Algodones, Mexico

    I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut. Motivation to create photos, blog posts, anything, has left me. Then I stumbled upon some old photos from a weekend in Los…