I spent 5 awesome days in Poland. Though I didn’t get to eat out as much as I would have liked due to budget constraints, I was able to eat a few delicious meals that I still dream about. Below are some of my favorite dishes.


Pierogi is essentially dumplings. Beautiful dumplings full of amazingness. Like most cultural dishes, everyone makes it slightly different or has their own special recipe. I’m sure there are countless types and fillings, but the two kinds I was able to try were filled with cheese and potato, and then with meat. These dishes cost be between 14PLN to 16PLN which is about $3.50USD.

Starka Pierogi

Cheese and potato filled pierogi at Starka Resturant in Krakow.

Chata Krakow Pierogi

Meat filled pierogi with sauteed garlic from Chata in Krakow. This was my favorite dish in all of Poland.


Kebabs are traditionally a Middle Eastern dish, but I’ve found they’re extremely popular in Warsaw. All of the kebab places I went to were run by Middle Eastern people so they’re legit. I’m not sure exactly what kind of kebabs these are but I would say they’re closest to gyros, but instead of putting the meat on the bread the meat is put inside the bread. The particular kebab pictured below cost me 10PLN which is about $2.50 USD. That is RIDICULOUS.

Polish Kebab

Left: The kebab goes all the way to the bottom of the photograph. It’s bigger than my entire forearm. Right: Right after my first bite. I was asking God why he blessed me with such good fortune.

Boneless Pork Knuckle

I’m not sure if this is a tradition Polish meal, but it’s amazing. When I ordered it they said it would take them 40 minutes and that’s how I knew it would be delicious. The skin was crisp yet a little chewy, the meat extremely tender and juicy. This dish cost me 29PLN or ~$7USD. This is a regular portion, they have a larger portion for 37PLN.

Pork Knuckle Starka Krakow

Boneless pork knuckle with crispy skin. Served with sides of potato purée, sautéed cabbage, mustard and horseradish


Okay okay okay. I know you’re wondering why I would be eating what is traditionally Italian food in Poland. Simple answer is that it’s amazing. I’m a big Trip Advisor traveler and this place had amazing reviews. Also, this was after I had visited Auschwitz, which was extremely overwhelming, and I needed some comfort food. I got the tagliatelle con pollo, which has mushrooms with a creamy and buttery sauce. This dish cost me 29PLN or about $7US.


Nothing too crazy food wise, but I think for 5 days I did a pretty good job in eating a variety of dishes. Have you had any of these dishes? If so, tell me what you think!