If you haven’t figured it out from your Facebook wall, people are having a hard time dealing with Daylight Saving Time. We did the exact opposite of what Cher said and we did not turn back time. Well, unless you live in literally in any other county in the world (or Hawai’i/Arizona). In that case, you did nothing to your clocks and are living a happy life free of disturbed sleep patterns.

If you’re part of the sad and angry population who practice Daylight Saving Time, I hope these following tips will help you get through it.

1. Google “Why do we have Daylight Savings Time”?

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 7.29.35 PM

Two things will happen:

  1. You’ll realize you’ve been saying it wrong your entire life, that’s it’s not Daylight Savings Time, but Daylight Saving Time. Just one saving, not many. And you’ll feel like if you’ve been lied to your entire life.
  2. You’ll learn Daylight Saving Time didn’t start until 1918 and had nothing to do with farmers, but with World War I. Then you’ll realize that WWI has been over for almost 100 years and yet we’re still changing our clocks. Then you’ll get really upset and rant on Facebook, or worst, write a blog post about it. Then the anger will subside after a week or so because this whole thing really isn’t that bad.

2. Complain

Use all social media platforms to tell people how upset you are over this antiquated practice. Use emojis and talk about how “crazy it was to wake up when it was still dark”. Do this for a couple days until you get used to the time change. Then do it again in 6 months when we change the clocks again.


3. Drink A LOT of Coffee

Granted, this is how I cope with life in general, but I feel like it definitely applies to this time of year. Grab the extra large mug at work and say something like “Daylight savings, right?” while chuckling as you fill your mug with black gold. Then add a bunch of half&half and sugar because black coffee is gross.


4. Forget to change your clocks

I do realize this step shows my age. Yes, I still have clocks in my house that are not connected to the cloud and do not automatically change when daylight saving occurs. Kids, as we know from the Terminator documentaries,  one day technology will turn on us and when that happens we’ll have to destroy it all. When that happens you’ll need to understand how to manually change clocks. Take this blog post as your warning. Anywho, forget to change the clock in your house, then when you remember to change them, DONT. Because by then you’ll be so close to the end of daylight saving time there really wont be a point in changing them.

5. Buy a good pair of sunglasses

You’ll need them on the drive home from work because it’ll still be sunny and beautiful and you should all stop complaining about the time change. It happens twice every year. TWICE. And we know in advance what the date is. So stop. Please. I can’t see another post on the matter on Facebook. It’s almost as bad as when it rain in San Diego. Almost.


Enjoy the extra sunlight, enjoy the cozy feeling of waking up while it’s still dark outside, drink a lot of coffee.

Til next time. Much Love.