Sam’s dream of speaking about herself in the third person has been realized with the writing of this About Me section of her website.

A native of The Pacific, Samantha spent much of her childhood on islands such as Japan, The Philippines, and Hawai’i. To this day, Samantha refuses to wear shoes more than 5% of the year and is evident by her sandal tan and wide feet. Samantha currently lives in San Diego and enjoys many activities such as, but not limited to, spending quality time with her blanket and pillow, re-watching the Harry Potter series, eating In-N-Out, traveling to exotic places like Arizona, reading cheesy romance novels, convincing her family to get a dog, listening to Celine Dion, and watching cute animal videos on YouTube.

Samantha has been published by Vista High School in their 2007 yearbook where she wrote a thrilling yet horribly inaccurate story on their varsity golf team. She has not been published since. Actually, the previous sentence, Sam is proud to say, is not longer true but she’s keeping it in because it makes her laugh. To date Sam has been published the The Planet D and Urban Travel Blog. Additionally, her photos have been used by awesome local organizations like The San Diego National History Museum and YMCA Camps of San Diego.

Samantha holds a B.S. in Health Care Administration and an M.S. in Geographic Information Sciences. She promised her mom she would mention that.

Samantha currently lives in Oceanside, Ca with her family and camera, Marky Mark.


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