“Oprah’s Favorite Things” is a gift list Oprah Winfrey, the president of America, releases every year. Like the title suggests, it’s a list of Oprah’s favorite things. From kitchen appliances to electronics, Oprah tells you what’s worth buying. But, you know, as an entitled millennial none of her ‘favorite things’ ever ‘spoke’ to me so I decided to make my own list this year. In this post I present to you a list of gift ideas for your most favorite person; yourself.


If you know me then you know I am exactly like Oprah Winfrey in the sense that I am nothing like Oprah Winfrey. Sorry, that’a a lie. Oprah and I do have a couple of similarities.

1) We both look AMAZING on magazine covers


2) We both believe in the practice of Treating Yo Self


I know the holidays are about family and giving to those around you, but you know who I think should get one of the best gifts of the season? YOU. 

Though I’m not exactly like Oprah, I do try to emulate her by giving gifts while pointing and yelling “You get a gift. You get a gift. You get a gift”, which isn’t at all annoying despite what my family says.


I also try to emulate President Winfrey by treating myself.

So this holiday season (“CHRISTMAS!” my mom yells from the other room) please give to all those around you, but don’t forget to….


Don’t know what to get yourself? Below is a lift of gift ideas you are sure to love. I call it “Sam’s Favorite Things.” 

1. Drinking device with inspirational quote: $19


Inspire all those around while you drink out of this hand crafted mug.

Buy it here.

2. Unicorn Lamp: $15

p7086_column_grid_12You may not need this, but you’ll never regret having one. And don’t give it to your niece. She’s a brat and doesn’t deserve this. You know who does deserve this? You do.

Buy it here.

3. AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker: $31


Because who makes their coffee with with a regular coffee maker? Not you.

Buy it here.

4. 8 Pound Bag of Lucky Charm Marshmallows: $50


Nope. I don’t care. You need this. You need this now.

Buy it here.

5. Portable Wine Glass: $15


Because your inner alcoholic needs love too.

Buy it here

6. Book T-Shirt: $28


How else are people supposed to know you’re well read?

Buy it here

7. The Golden Girls Complete Series on DVD: $123

81VzmW7Kk+L._SL1500_Any problem you’re going through there’s a Golden Girls Episode to deal with it. Death? Yep. Dieting? Oh, yeah. Being held up at work by a man dressed up as Santa Clause on Christmas Eve? Got you covered.

Buy it here.

8. A really big Pizzookie: $?

tumblr_malxaiHyZ81rch01yo1_400Just do it.

9. Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie: $36


How else are you supposed to re-enact scenes from TNG without the proper attire?

Buy it here

10. Airzooka Air Gun: $20


Yep. You definitely need this.

Buy it here

11. Slingshot: $9


Was there ever a time you didn’t need one?

Buy it here

12. Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream (10 pack): $30


To sooth the disappointment your 10 year old self has for your adult self for not being an astronaut.

Buy it here

13. Beverage Holder(??): $20


Whatever this is, you need it.

But it here

14. Custom Gold Grillz: $210


Can you honestly say you’ve never wanted one?

Buy it here

15. Celine Dion Meet & Greet Experience: PRICELESS

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.37.12 PM

Unlike Oprah’s Favorite Things I will not be giving away any of these products. I will, however, accept any and all these products as gifts. A reverse Oprah’s Favorite Things if you will.