Aren’t museums the best? A place where old and new come together. Where people people of all ages can learn and experience ~art~.

The day was overwhelming to say the least, and not matter what I write I could never properly describe this great day with a great friend.

I hope these photos do the day justice.

LACMA_0001 LACMA_0002 LACMA_0003 LACMA_0004 LACMA_0005 LACMA_0006 LACMA_0007 LACMA_0008 LACMA_0009 LACMA_0010 LACMA_0011 LACMA_0012 LACMA_0013 LACMA_0014 LACMA_0015 LACMA_0016 LACMA_0017

I don’t care what you’re thinking, that blank canvas is ~art~.

LACMA_0018 LACMA_0019