I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut. Motivation to create photos, blog posts, anything, has left me. Then I stumbled upon some old photos from a weekend in Los Algadones and I felt a small and familiar spark in my soul. Almost like seeing an old friend you hadn’t realized you missed. I don’t think I ever made these images known, well not in this capacity anyway.

I’m trying to be more intentional with my work, with what I create. Believe it or not, I’ve never really spent much effort on dissecting what drives me creatively.  I like taking photos, but of what? Of people. Okay, why? Um, because?

Seeing these photos, for the first time in years, has started to blow away the fog that’s been filling my mind for years. The fog is still there, I don’t think it’ll be gone for awhile, but  I think I can see things a bit more clearly than before.

FTK-40 FTK-78 FTK-80 FTK-85 FTK-114 FTK-115 FTK-130 FTK-132 FTK-161 FTK-188 FTK-199 FTK-287 FTK-299 FTK-306 FTK-307 FTK-308 FTK-340 FTK-367 FTK-368 FTK-396 FTK-415 FTK-447 FTK-513 FTK-611 FTK-677