The idea behind this music round up is to share music I enjoy and want to share with my readers.  I’m by no means a music expert and definitely don’t know the correct verbiage when talking about music, but I hope you enjoy these handful of musical gems that have a special place in my Spotify playlist.

1. Lindsey Lou & the Flatbellys

I first discovered the amazing music of Lindsey Lou & the Flatbellys through the YouTube channel Folk Alley Sessions. How I came to subscribe to that channel is still a mystery me. It probably happened during one of my late night YouTube binge sessions. You know how you start watching videos of Celine Dion performances and then somehow find yourself watching a documentary on the history of Vietnam?  Yeah, it was something like that.

Their sound is refreshing and their lyrics are meaningful. Their music transports me to somewhere green and crisp, somewhere completely different than work, which is where I listen to them most.

In the video below they perform “Old Song”, which is probably my favorite song of theirs.

2. Gillian Grassie

I found Gillian Grassie through the hilarious comedian Zach Anner.

First things first, she plays the freakin harp. If that’s not classy I don’t know what is. Secondly, she has an amazing voice and her music makes me think of both perfect summer days by the beach and pink lemonade, as well as frolicking through a grassy knoll in an enchanted kingdom. Yeah, her music has that kind power.

She has an EP dropping this month (it actually might be out by the time you read this) called The Woodland Sessions. When I used the term “dropping” did I sound like I knew what I was talking about?

3. Maite Hontelé

I discovered Maite in what most people consider the mecca of news, my Facebook newsfeed. The moment I heard her play my mind was literally blown. In the past years I’ve been trying to expand my music horizons to beyond Celine Dion and show tunes, and I think my love for Maite shows my improvement in that area.

Looking at her photos/videos you’ll notice she is not a Latina, but in fact a Dutch woman. Her bio says “Born in Holland, but Colombian in her heart” and I think that describes a lot of people in the sense that many of use feel at home in a place other than our birthland. In the TEDx video below she describes how her passion lead her to another continent and it’s a great watch.

Also, her music is great for dancing around your house in the middle of the night.

4. The Cactus Blossoms

I discovered The Cactus Blossoms on Folk Alley Sessions as well. Honestly, you need to subscribe to their channel. They feature amazing artists.

What I love most about The Cactus Blossoms is that their sound is timeless. Their music is extremely reminiscent of an era long gone, reminding me of the music of Conway Twitty and a bit of Jonny Cash. I feel this would make great roadtrip montage music. Can you imagine? Driving through the Arizona desert, windows down, sipping on a soda, and listening to this:

5. The Civil Wars

I honestly don’t know how The Civil Wars ended up on my Spotify playlist, but they’r now a permanent fixture. I think they’re best known for “Kingdom Come” from The Hunger Games movie soundtrack. Which one, I don’t know (the one where they’re running for their lives?), but it’s a great song. Enjoy “Kingdom Come” as well as Liam Hemsworth’s beautiful Australian face in the video below.

The song that got me hooked on them, though, was “The One That Got Away”. The sound is deep, and the lyrics beautiful.

They’ve also done covers for a couple of my favorite songs, including “Billie Jean” and “Dance Me To The End of Love” (both available on Spotify). Sadly, The Civil Wars are no longer together and are no longer making awesome music. But they will always have a special place in my heart and in my Spotify “Best Ever” playlist.


Know of any musicians I should listen to and feature on my next music round-up? Let me know in the comments below!