I was just on the longest flight of my life. From LAX to Doha in Qatar takes 16 hours and 15 minutes. If 16 hours wasn’t bad enough, that 15 minutes really drives home the awfulness of it all. Surprisingly, surviving the 16 hours wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I mean, it was horrible, but not as soul crushing as I had originally thought. Below are 10 ways to survive a 16-hour flight.

1.Take a full dose of Benadryl and fall asleep right after your takeoff induced anxiety attack.

Wake up well rested, feeling like so many hours have past. Look at your watch and realize it’s only been 5 hours since take up. You still have 11 to go.

2. Look through the crazy collection of movies and television shows available to you

And decide nothing really looks good despite literally hundreds of options. Settle on movies you’ve already watched like Monsters University and Evita.  Both of these movies are amazing and I encourage you all to watch them back to back.

3. Ask the very nice man next to you to get up so you can go to the bathroom

And just stand there, in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, thinking it wasn’t possible for someone to look this bad. Splash your face with water in the hopes that it does something. It doesn’t.

4. Notice the ridiculous amount of kids doing their homework

This flight was going from LAX to Doha, but with most people, including myself, continuing on to India. Most, if not all, the teenagers I saw on the flight were doing homework. One was even doing it by the light of his cell phone because he didn’t want to turn on the overhead light because he didn’t want to disturb people.  

5. Watch Evita again

Guys, it’s seriously such a great and well-done movie. And young Antonio Banderas? Ugh. The anger, the passion! Also, this Madonna is a little closer to A League of Their Own Madonna and I can deal with that and even appreciate it.

6. Have all the anxiety attacks

Most of them turbulence induced, some by the unknown of what you’re about to do. Oh, and a little one over your checked-in bags because one of your greatest fears is the airlines losing your luggage and therefore everything you own.

7.Work on your laptop

But have difficulties because the person in front of you has fully reclined their seat. Result in angling your laptop and typing in an awkward position.

8. Attempt to listen to an audiobook

But drift in and out of consciousness that you need to restart multiple times.

9. Get hungry

And start missing your mom because if she was here she would be able to pull out a full on meal from her bag.

My mom who would never ever let me, her favorite daughter, feel hunger.

10. Finally fall into a deep sleep

1 hour before you land and be jolted awake by the PA system.