If you want to find new inspiration and take some new and challenging photos with your camera, you should start traveling. One of the best ways for exploring your artistic side with your camera is to take shots while traveling somewhere and trying to capture your trip as you saw it with your own eyes. That being said, while on the road you will need to keep your photography gear safe  and take care of it.

But this can be a challenge if you take too many things you don’t really need. These are the things that you essentially need on your photography trips. Creating a balance between all the necessary things and comfort while traveling is a must if you want to enjoy your trip. Simply put, take the photos you want with the minimum gear possible.

1. Camera Bag

Travel Gear: Camera Bag

When taking photography trips you should forget about tourist bags. It is essential that you protect all of your gear with a water resistant and durable bag that can handle long travels. The bag needs to be big enough to carry all of the equipment you need and it’s good to find a bag that has separate compartments so that you can divide your equipment to make sure there is no friction between them that might cause physical damage. If not, find some camera wraps and cover all of your equipment, but still this doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be any damage.

2. Camera
Travel Photography Essentials: Camera

Of course, you will have to bring your camera with you; how else would you take photos? There are a lot of people who say you will have to bring two cameras, but a lot of us only have one, and even if you have more than one, there is no real need for carrying more than one with you.

You only need to plan well in advance and figure out what you will be photographing during your trip. If you know where you are going, what the weather is going to be like and what things you are going to take pictures of, you can choose a camera that can handle all of those things, simple as that.

3. Lenses

Travel Photography Essentials Camera Lens

It is essential that you be realistic when determining how many lenses you will need on your trip. If you are planning to take a lot of landscape shots, it’s probably not a good idea to bring a telephoto lens. There is a large variety of zooms that lenses can have and they can also have fixed focal length. Fixed focal lengths have better quality, but you will have more flexibility with zooms.

It’s usually best to use a single zoom such as 24 – 70mm lens that has a large maximum aperture. This gives you the ability to take good photos when the light is low and you won’t have to use flash. With wide focal lengths, you can take amazing landscape photos, while long lenses are good for taking amazing portraits.

4. Camera strap



When traveling, you will be on the move most of the time, sightseeing and taking photos during the whole day. It can be quite exhausting to carry your camera in a bag during the whole day and it’s simply quite inconvenient. With a camera strap, your camera will be within your reach at all times and you can easily take photos whenever you want. Additionally, all of the best camera straps have a steel wire within them, and they make sure that no robber can come up to you and swipe your camera off you.  

5. Chargers/batteries/adapters


It’s generally a good idea to take a spare battery along with you. In case you get carried away taking photos during the whole day it is good to know that you won’t run out of power. Also make sure that you bring a charger so that you can recharge your batteries during the night and ensure that you are ready for another photo session tomorrow. In case you are traveling to some foreign country far away, there is a chance that they have a different power supply. In this case look for an adequate converter that will do the job.

These are the absolute essentials you must bring with you while taking pictures on the road. Last but not least, make sure to take a few memory cards so that you don’t run out of space for taking photos, as you will be taking a lot of them, trust me.



Isabella Foreman is a content writer by profession and enjoys writing on travel, photography, home improvement, and cooking. She spends her off-work time with family and travel to explore new places!